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Budget travel Bhutan – Things to know before you tour Bhutan

Planning a trip to Bhutan? Use this article to discover all the things to know before you tour Bhutan. These travel tips for Bhutan, the 6-day Bhutan itinerary, and all the useful information are presented by Vinod from Budget Travel Plans.

The Best Cruise Destinations in 2022

Your holiday is approaching and you are still thinking of the next new adventure upon your schedule. Having into consideration all of the beautiful landmarks and astonishing views worldwide, it’s often quite tough to go with the best option for your upcoming trip abroad.

From city to sea: eight different types of travel for different people

We all want different things from life, and the same goes for our holidays too. While some of us enjoy sipping cocktails on a beach with a good book, others want to be climbing mountains, skydiving, or wrestling bears (probably). Each to their own, as they say, but it can make us creatures of habits. 

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