Explore Nusa Penida in 24 Hours – The Perfect 1 Day Nusa Penida Itinerary

Many people take a one-day trip to Nusa Penida from Bali as this island, lesser-known, offers amazing activities. Find out what to do in Nusa Penida in 24 hours from this comprehensive Nusa Penida itinerary.

Discover where to stay in Nusa Penida: accommodation options for all budgets, the best time to visit Nusa Penida, and the things to do in Nusa Penida in 1 day, both famous attractions and off-the-beaten-path Nusa Penida activities. This Nusa Penida itinerary for 1 day is presented by Vaibhav Mehta from The Wandering Vegetable and is part of our free destination guides and itineraries series. If you’ve never been to Indonesia before, we recommend you to read first this article focusing on things to know before visiting Indonesia.

Explore Nusa Penida – 1 Day Nusa Penida Itinerary

Nusa Penida is a gorgeous off-the-beaten-path island destination located on the southeast of Bali island. It offers you the best “sun & sand” experience you can possibly imagine. Nusa Penida is the largest of the three Nusa Islands, the other two being – Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Since it is a fresh inclusion in the Bali itinerary, the tourist infrastructure on the island isn’t great but it is growing fast. You won’t find plush beach clubs, fancy restaurants, and urban cafes on the island.

But what you will find on Nusa Penida is unprecedented raw natural beauty in the form of pristine beaches, caves, waterfalls, and mountains. If you’re visiting Bali, then you cannot miss visiting this gem of an island.

In this blog, I’ll share the ultimate 1 day Nusa Penida itinerary with you, discussing the best things to do in Nusa Penida in a day.

We’ll also be discussing other important things like – the best time to visit Nusa Penida, what essentials to bring when visiting the place, how to get to and move around the island, and Nusa Penida accommodations.

Best time to visit Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida has to feature in your Bali itinerary if you’re an outdoor person and like indulging in hikes and treks. Quite a few attractions in Nusa Penida require challenging treks to get to the final destination. So it’s a no-brainer that the dry season would be the safest time to explore the island.

Therefore, the best time to visit Nusa Penida is from April-October.

During this time, there’s more sun and less rain. You’ll relish this beach weather as humidity is at it’s lowest. Also, what plays in your favour is the fact that April, May are low season months and June, September, and October are shoulder-season months.