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    We all want different things from life, and the same goes for our holidays too. While some of us enjoy sipping cocktails on a beach with a good book, others want to be climbing mountains, skydiving, or wrestling bears (probably). Each to their own, as they say, but it can make us creatures of habits. 
  • Top reasons to visit China

    China is a country of contrasts, in many ways – and I have friends who told me how different even a city can be – from the glamorous touristy part to the poor suburbs. But China is also a country with a long history, a rich culture and there are definitely many reasons to visit it. Here are five of them, some that maybe will make you think of a vacation here.
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    Bohol is a showcase of the entire island of Philippines. River cruises, incredible diving spots, pristine beaches, jungle adventures and welcoming locals – everything combines to makes Bohol and experience that you would look back to for the rest of your life. Though the island is most popular for its Chocolate Hills and the Tarsiers, we found there’s something more to the place than its Visayan glory. Make sure you check out a Bohol vacation rental beforehand and make your trip awesome! This is how we experience Bohol and you should too!
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